The principal port on Kalymnos, Pothia is by far the island’s largest town approximately population of 10,000; As well as curving for 2km around the south-facing bay it spreads amphitheatrically over the foot and slopes of two hills and stretches back up and over a low hill towards the west.

The town display’s some remarkable architecture with Italian influences in its public buildings such as the Town Hall and Municipality Hal, blending with neoclassical features of the houses, influenced by the strong connections and trade with Minor Asia.

At the heart of the town is a working harbour full of fishing boats and a bustling marina with sailing yachts visiting from various destinations. It is functional harbour rather than a resort and a vibrant town where in both summer and winter a traditional life style is evident to see and experience. The seafront is adorned with shops, restaurants, bars, taverns, while the intricate labyrinth of alleyways behind holds some splendid old mansions and buildings. There is so much to see and explore that you can easily lose track of time.

Countless impressive churches are seen in Pothia, with beautiful icons and frescos lending grandeur to the town. The churches are well maintained as religion is such an important part of life on the island. Pothia boasts three museums devoted to archaeology, history of sponge diving, and folk art.

The three beaches on the outskirts of the town Therma, Gefiera and harbour beach are popular with the locals.