Telendos is a tiny island of serene beauty. It covers an area of 5 sq. km, with approximately 50 inhabitants.

There is a boat every 30 minutes to and from Myrties.  From 8am to midnight daily during the summer months.

Telendos is a place that is idyllic and very peaceful with sandy beaches and small taverns, car free where you can really re-charge your batteries and lose track of the real world.

In ancient times and up to the middle of the 6th Century AD, Telendos was one with Kalymnos. It is estimated that the ancient Mesos dimos [Middle Town] was located in the sea area currently between Kalymnos and Telendos.

In 554 AD, a devastating earthquake caused great ground subsidence, the destruction of settlements and resulted in sinking the area between Kalymnos and Telendos into the sea. Remains of the sunken city can still be seen, whilst diving in the waters.

Telendos thrived during the early Christian period (4th-7th c.) as can be seen from the many ruins on the island, including churches and ancient baths.

There is only one small village on the island and it is built opposite the Kalymnos-Telendos strait. There is a beautiful pine woodland on the south part of the island, next to ruins of ‘Nekropolis, early Christian tombs. Make sure you visit Ai Giorgis Chapel you will enjoy a breathtaking sunset view looking out over the Aegean Sea. It is also worth visiting the early-Christian necropolis; and the settlement of Agios Konstantinos.

Leaving Masouri to head north towards Emborios on the gently winding road along the mountain edge you will come to the cove of Arginonda. This is located 10 km SE from Pothia and forms an imposing landscape with an beautiful pebble covered beach.

Further on, the hamlet of Skalia, 2 km from Arginonda, built on the hillside affording beautiful views of Telendos and Kalvaros islands.