Pserimos Village

This luxury accommodation, is located on Pserimos Island which is located 30 mins from Kos and 30 mins from Kalymnos, the stone built units are high standard with a beautiful authentic Greek touch. Accommodation consists of Kitchenette with fridge, cooking hobs, balcony, dining area, and a Wi-Fi router in each room.

Other than the crystal blue waters and its beautiful beaches, the island has many attractive and secluded corners. The semicircle configuration of the bay with its houses and taverns all next to each other seem to belong in perfect harmony.

To the tired holiday maker, the small island of Pserimos is one of the last paradise corners that remain in the Aegean Sea. The islands climate is the same as that of all of the Dodecanese Island’s. It is a fantastic climate characterized by its dry, sunny summers and its mild winters give you the chance to sit back and relax. The gentle breezes and winds that blow during the period of July and August make the warm temperatures more bearable. During the months of autumn and winter humidity is quite high. Below we provide information on the year round temperatures of the island.